Referral Program

There is a referral program for users of Spic&Scan that refer relationships to us. We are thankful if that happens. If you refer other companies to us, they decline a paid license with us and you let us know (on time!), we will give you a 7% discount on your future license fees. You will receive this discount at the next renewal of your license, and only for renewals of one year or more. But beware, this discount is stackable! Within the duration of your license, bring 2 new customers to Spic&Scan, you will get a 14% discount on your renewal! With three new customers… You understand it, right?
It is important that you record and pass on the referrals properly. Please contact one of us:
Sytse van Werkhoven
Owner & Programmer

One of two owners of Spic&Scan. Experienced in programming and database-issues.

+31 6 41066287

Jarno Baaijens
Owner / Sales

One of two owners of Spic&Scan. Experienced in purchasing and supply chain-issues.

+31 6 51789056

Gil Heijmans

Consultant at Spic&Scan. Expericenced in improving Procurement-  and Supply Chain-results.

+31 6 22239943