ˈdʌbəl.juː di: aɪ/ We Do It

You want the benefits of a spendanalysis but have no capacity or time available. You do not want to figure out how you need to do analysis yourself, but what you do want is immediate results. So actually, you want someone to take care of the spendanalysis. No problem at Spic&Scan. Kein Problem.

With a lot of love and pleasure one of our professionals will carry out the Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis for you. That saves you time and work.


Our professional visits you to jointly inform your IT department which data is important to us. If it is received, then (s)he goes  off. While you keep the business running, your data is enriched by executing vendor duplication, allocating or correcting purchasing packages and implementing strategy determinations using different Kraljic-Matrixes. In general this should take our professional a day, at maximum 2, and then they are back at your desk for an interim report and to jointly view the data enrichment. Is it good enough? Should we look deeper? The date for the reporting presentation and the transfer of the report is determined before departure. If it is up to us, we can do that the next day.

You wanted advantages and had little time. And quick results. We understand. So contact us to order us to make your spendanalysis. Contact us to order us.