What are the possibilities with Spic&Scan?

Rapid technological developments make it possible for all kind of information to be recorded and enriched. The decreased costs for the storage of data contributes to ever growing lake of data your company or customers are swimming in. Isn’t it wonderful, A lake of data?! But how to create analyses, improve processes and make better decisions? That is a time-consuming job. Not with Spic&Scan!

Time is money, and money – or rather, saving money – is what our spend analysis is all about. That is why our spend analysis is fast, and very economical!

Who does it?

At Spic&Scan we are continuously developing and improving software for analyze your lake of procurement- and finance-data, and we are offering our software to our customers in two products: D.I.Y of W.D.I.  In other words, You do it or we do it.

The difference is basically the costs. If you do it yourself, you do not need to pay for hours of our employees because the software development is in the license-fee. If you want us to analyze your spend, there is no license fee, but you pay for our hours.

Whatever version you choose, all your data will be converted into information that allows you to make the right and most important decisions with the utmost ease. Your MT meetings will be a piece of cake, your employees set the right priorities and your customers know what strategy to apply. That’s all possible with the solutions of Spic&Scan. You just need to decide: Do you do it or do we do it?