diːʌɪˈwʌɪ/ Do It Yourself

With our SpendAnlayse-as-A-Service (SAaaS) You are going to use Spic&Scan yourself. You can use it to improve your own purchasing activities or because you offer purchase services to your customers. As a user, you can use a license agreement to access the Spic&Scan software and perform spendanalyses in your own way. As much as you want.

You get it all. And you do it all. Yourself.


You get a lightning-fast graphical representation of the expenditure, you get views in tables. You get the speed of analyzing which Spic&Scan is so familiar. You can use or enter your own purchase packages. Within your license, you make unlimited use of the enrichment functionalities of Spic&Scan such as the Supplier-deduplicator with which suppliers are merged, or the Kraljic matrix, which uses some question-and-answer-techniques to classify your purchase packages are the correct Procurement strategy. You get all the functionality there is now, and all added in your license duration. You get all the benefits. Also the benefits that you can contact us if you do not know how to proceed. We have specially designed a help-desk for this.

Thanks to the fact that our SAaaS (Spend-Analysis-as-a-Service) application works intuitively, there is a lot of technological, scientific and practical knowledge and expertise in our software. In addition, we can transfer the underlying knowledge through trainings to your employees or clients. Please contact us for more information, request the demo license, or check the prices of a Spic&Scan-license via the button below. If you prefer to completely outsource the execution of a spendanalyse, you should choose not a problem. Spic&Scan can take care of you.