How does it work? What is the process?

  • Gathering Data

    The necessary data is often in your ERP or financial software package.
  • Uploading the data

    The collected data is sent unfiltered to the servers of Spic&Scan.

  • Checking the data

    The Spic&Scan servers check the data for accuracy and consistency.

  • Showing the spendanalyses

    If there are no issues, the spend analysis is ready!

The process of using Spic&Scan is really simple: Gather-Upload-Check-Analyze. No matter what license you choose, this process is the same. The difference is the person who follows the process.

Data from the business software you use is needed. This data will end up in a template of Spic&Scan and will be loaded into the software system of Spic&Scan. Then, this system makes the necessary checks and analysis, all within a few minutes.

Please note: Your data may be ‘polluted’ by various reasons. Garbage in then means garbage out. But no worries: our software helps you identify the pollution. We have developed various tools for this and for enrichment of your data. We would like to mention the ‘supplier-dedubber’, recalculation of different currencies, the creation of Kraljic-Matrix and so on. In addition, a & Scanner, one of our employees, can look at your data or even take care of your analyses.

Absolute Security

Spic&Scan shows your data exclusively under your own account, completely shielded from others. Your passwords are known to you only. In addition, our servers are hosted by a highly reputable party, a hosting center that has various certificates in the field of security and data storage. This guarantees absolute safety.