How does it work? What is the process?

  • Gathering Data

    The necessary data is often in your ERP or financial software package.
  • Uploading the data

    The collected data is sent unfiltered to the servers of Spic&Scan.

  • Checking the data

    The Spic&Scan servers check the data for accuracy and consistency.

  • Showing the spendanalyses

    If there are no issues, the spend analysis is ready!

The Spic&Scan process is straightforward: Gather, Upload, Check, Analyze. Regardless of the license you choose, the process remains the same, only the person leading the process might differ.

The process requires data from the business software you use. This data will be put into a Spic&Scan template and loaded into the Spic&Scan software system. Within a matter of minutes, the system will perform the necessary checks and analysis.

It’s important to note that your data may contain inconsistencies due to various reasons. Garbage in leads to garbage out, but our software has tools to identify and remove this “pollution.” Our software includes features such as a supplier-deduplicator, currency recalculation, Kraljic Matrix creation, and more. Additionally, one of our Spic&Scan professionals can review your data or handle the analysis for you.

Absolute Security

With Spic&Scan, you can rest assured that your data is kept confidential and protected. Your account information and passwords are secure and only accessible by you. Our hosting partner, a renowned provider with multiple security and data storage certificates, ensures that your data is securely stored on our servers, fully isolated from any unauthorized access.