Reasons for a spendanalysis

The reasons for a performing a spendanalysis are mentioned below. All of these reasons are covered in Spic&Scan. The Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis has a great ROI thanks to its speed and sophisticated automation.  Our software provides you a clear insight in procurement processes and -spend within minutes. Low in costs, it provides you information you can use to improve your business and save money. Do you need more reasons?

Save Money

With Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis you will get a quick, clear and thorough view in your spend. With this you can immediately see on which categories you will be able to realize cost-reductions. Safe money by increasing your volumes or reduce the amount of invoices you receive, for instance.

Investigate your savings potential by requesting access to the demo on the right!

Improve processes

With the information of the spendanalysis you will have the right tools to execute or improve your procurement processes. What will be the best for your company: Implementing an E-sourcing system, provide procurement-cards to your employers or streamline the quantity and flow of received invoices?

Maybe the results of the Kralic-Matrix will require you to change processes of strategies. The results of the Spic&Scan Spendanalysis will help you with that. Try for yourself, and request your demo now!

Prevent non-contract procurement

In order to manage budgets, your agreements with suppliers are fixed in contracts. But cocky behavior of internal clients (peers) can lead to purchases outside those contracts. This in turn leads to increased and uncontrolled spending. The Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis makes deviations visible. You will immediately see the expenditure for those products sourced from non-contracted suppliers, but for which a contract exists with another supplier.

Risk Compliancy

Try to avoid a large dependency on specific suppliers. For sure when it’s about critical goods or services, the supplier you are depending on, is able to take hostage of your entire operation. What does happen if your supplier of office-automation is not willing to upgrade your software because of the latest procurement conditions?

With Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis you have your supplier position at hand and will be able to act directly if needed. Also you will be able to very easily create your category-strategies and create management awareness.

More volume, less time

It may happen that you have a particular product or category of products with a lot of small suppliers. If you opt for (much) fewer suppliers, this bundles the volume, and saves you money and purchasing time in return. You will improve your negotiating position and you gain time in the control of the supplier relationship. In addition, your Accounts Payable Department has less pressure. After all, they have to process fewer invoices. The Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis provides insight into the amount of vendors, categories, products and consumers.

Know your geographics

Many companies prefer to buy locally or regionally, but don’t know if they actually do. Ever analyzed on postal code? And compared that to the chamber of Commerce data? Figures help to take emotion out of any discussions. Use data that is enriched with geographic information, so you can see how much you spend locally. The Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis thereby contributes to peace and impaired emotion within your company.

Comply to regulations

Your organization too has rules and requirements. Consider purchasing codes like the once the government is using, but also your internal rules and agreements. Suppose your organization takes into account a tender threshold of €25000,-. Spending above this amount should conform to extensive regulations. But it might be that your employees or colleagues in a number of smaller purchases spend a total above that amount, without them having an eye on it. The Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis will recognize the buying behavior of your employees or colleagues. It provides tools for action.

Benchmark & Compare to others

Through benchmarking, you are not only comparing the performance of your employees and their results from year to year within your own organization, but also you can compare national or industry wide. This also provides a comparison with your competitors which bring you lot of much valuable information.

Do you want to compare performance with external organizations? Request Spic&Scan then to classify your records according to the UNSPSC code (United Nations Standard Product and Services Code).

Prevent Double Payments

A double payment is made quickly, but it takes much more time to reverse that second payment. Suppose your provider calling for payment of his bill. After ‘wandering’ in your organization he arrives at the actual customer. Who immediately pays the bill using his (or her) procurement card.

However, the overdue invoice is still in your internal payment process. Therefore, the supplier receives a double payment in the end. The Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis avoids these situations, saving you additional time and manpower. In three clicks, All orders by vendor are made visible. A quick analysis then shows how often the supplier has been paid double.