Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis: little effort, big advantages!

Would you like to be more 'in control'? Would you like to have more grip on your purchases and expenses or would you like to have the right data to reduce business risks and to implement Strategic improvements? 

Using the Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis you are in control.  At minimal cost, you can generate valuable data and thus achieve savings.


This is why!

  • Gain insight into recent spending, broken down by product, suppliers and other cost centers.
  • Get direct picture of possible cost savings.
  • Buy efficiently.
  • Buy more effectively.
  • Check your purchase on legal legitimacy.
  • Create internal awareness and support from internal customers.
  • Have the latest management information available.
  • Streamline processes.

Advantage 1: Save Money

Do you want to know how to substantially save money? Chose Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis to set the best procurement strategies for your product categories. 


Get Management Information

With the Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis you will gain insight on information you did not see before. This might lead to new or changed strategic decisions.


Manage Risk

Manage your risk by reducing dependency of a certain supplier. If this suppliers wants to, it can control your entire operation.


Increase buying power

Do you have multiple suppliers for the same categroy of products? Reduce suppliers leads to increase of volume and thus buying power.


Comply to regulations

Don't get in trouble by accidentally buying more then regulations allow. Take into account the European or internal regulations and monitor through Spic&Scan


How does it work?

Nice to see all these possibities, but how does this work?


Use the Kraljic-matrix

The Spic&Scan SpendAnalysis also creates the Kraljic-portfolio , by smart data-analysis and user-interaction. The results are better supplier-strategies and negotiations tactics.